Tempus Invocant Magnalium

Time Brings About Great Things.  That is the spirit in which the TIM Foundation was formed.

The TIM Foundation was established in 2015 by Cynthia, William, Christopher, and Olivia Jenks to provide a permanent memory for Timothy.

Why are we a non-profit corporation?

In order to establish a permanent, endowed scholarship/award under the Endow Iowa codes, a non-profit or governmental agency needs to receive the funding from your endowed account.  The TIM Foundation has a mission to offer educational and other related scholarships and awards.  If you would like to set up a scholarship or award, feel free to contact us.  The TIM Foundation can enter an agreement with you or your family on how to administer such awards.  Then you can set up your endowment through an agency such as the Story County Community Foundation or the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines by directing or advising it to make its dispersal to TIM Foundation.  Your award then gets made according to the terms of the agreement of the donors (you or your family) and the TIM Foundation.

We can operate behind the scenes, letting you handle all publicity for your award, or we can agree to feature your award on our web site as well.

The inaugural award by the TIM Foundation was the 2015 TRJMS.

Contact us with any questions or to get in touch about the TRJMS or establishing your own award.