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TRJ Memorial Scholarship

Nominations for the 2019 Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Scholarship are open through April 30, 2019.

(Use the form below)


TRJMS details





TRJ Memorial Scholarship

Nominations for the 2019 Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Scholarship are open through April 30, 2019.

(Use the form below)



The Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Scholarship (TRJMS) is established to recognize passionate students of high character and to assist those students in the pursuit of excellence outside of the normal school curriculum, such as music, sports, or club-related activities.

Timothy Jenks (August 28, 2000-June 26, 2014) was an enthusiastic student of Ames Middle School who participated in band, orchestra, SATB choir, cross country, and track.  Timothy had a passion for learning and curiosity as strong as that of anyone.  He was known for doing his best — however good that was — and for pushing others around him to do the same.  He played soccer with the Ames Soccer Club since kindergarten and had become a poised young referee.  Timothy swam for the Ames Cyclone Aquatics club and set its club record for 1500 m freestyle in the 11-12 age group in July, 2012.  He competed in regional and national level youth triathlons; he died while trying to make him self better in an accident that occurred while learning new cycling skills for Youth Elite triathlon racing.

The Jenks family and its many friends who have contributed to his memorial fund hope this scholarship will encourage other middle school students to live full lives and pursue their aspirations, both by directly assisting its awardees and by inspiring those who know them.

Eligibility and Criteria

The award will be given annually in the spring to one or more students who are in the 8th grade at Ames Middle School.*  This is the sole eligibility requirement.  The Jenks family feels strongly that middle school is a time of personal development, and its primary goal is to recognize students who are working to be their best, whatever and whenever that may be.   Students, athletes, and musicians who are the most excellent are usually among the most dedicated, but many of the most dedicated are not among the best, especially at this age.  The primary criteria for selection of the awardee shall be evidence of strong character and passion for the applicant's chosen extracurricular activities.  Secondary criteria may include excellence, financial need, and academic record.

*Home-schooled students in the Ames School District are also eligible.

The Award

It is the intent of the award that it be spent within a year by the recipient's family in pursuit of the recipient's passion, but the award will be given up front as a scholarship, and not on a cost reimbursement basis.

In 2019, the award will total $1000 and the recipient will additionally receive a commemorative plaque.  We expect to give two awards in 2019.  A suitable public announcement will be made at a time and location to be arranged. In previous years, we have been able to announce it at the AMS 8th grade celebration.

Nominations (Use the form below!)

Nominations shall come directly from teachers, coaches, directors, etc (hereafter called "instructors").  The student need not apply.  

An instructor may separately nominate as many students as s/he wishes.  A student may be nominated by multiple instructors (and all such nominations will be considered as part of the student's portfolio).

We prefer that nominations be made using the electronic submission form below.  The form does not accept attachments.  If an attachment is required, please submit a nomination form and separately send the attachment by email to, clearly stating the nominee's name in the subject line.

Regarding nominations, we suggest the following guidelines:

  • A good length for your letter may be near 1000 words, but write what you see fit and do not feel bound by a specific length.

  • Nominations are strongest if they address the criteria listed above with examples. Address evidence of passion, or examples of character. Does the candidate dedicate him/herself extraordinarily to one activity or do they participate in several? If there are special circumstances of academic excellence or need, please mention them.

  • If you are nominating someone you know to participate in other activities, please at least mention those activities in your letter.

  • If you are nominating someone you know to participate in other activities, please consider contacting the "instructor" of that other activity and suggest that s/he also nominate your candidate.

Nominations for 2019 will be open for the month of April 2019.


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Indicate how you know the nominee and what characteristics you feel make the nominee deserving of the TRJMS. You may find it more convenient to write the letter in a word processing program and past it in here.
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Email, phone, address preferred. If you know parent/guardian's names, please provide them.



Grow the award

Donations to the Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Fund go straight to the endowment that funds the TRJMS, and every dollar of its proceeds goes to the award.  Donations to the Memorial Fund are tax deductible AND qualify for a special Endow Iowa 25% tax CREDIT on your Iowa income taxes. The fund is administered by the Story County Community Foundation and instructions on how to get the tax credit will be given to every donor.

Donate to the fund by credit card

You may also donate by check: Mail to Story County Community Foundation, PO Box 1666, Ames IA 50010.  Make checks out to Story County Community Foundation, with "Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Fund" in the memo line.

If you are an organization wishing to donate that cannot take advantage of the tax credit, please contact us.



Our winners

The inaugural TRJMS recipient in 2015 and our winners have been male and female, inovolved in sports and the arts.  Learn more about them on our recipients page.


Our Donors

We are extremely grateful to all the donors who helped us set up the endowed TRJMS.  We tried to keep records accurately but we may have missed some donors records in the first days after the accident, and we were blessed to receive a number of cash donations that we cannot attribute properly.  Please contact us if we have left your name off or you would like to be listed differently.

Personal donors

  • Bob and Elizabeth Angelici

  • Ann and Carl Arbuckle

  • Jody Atwood

  • Melanie and Steve Barker

  • Linda Bartleson

  • The Batkiewicz family

  • Holly and Darran Benson

  • Paul and Jennifer Berge

  • The Berryhill family

  • The Bonestroo family

  • Sheila Border

  • The Boylston Family

  • The Brinker family

  • The Buccholtz/Stai fmily

  • Tim Burianek

  • Kathy Burke

  • Diane and Keith Bystrom

  • Sarah Cady

  • The Cassaidy Family

  • Cinzi and Paul Cervato

  • Barb Chieves

  • Linda Claussen

  • The Clayberg family

  • John and Nancy Clough

  • The Crow/Owens family

  • The Culhane family

  • Venita Currie

  • Mary Dau

  • Neil Davis

  • Lance and Carmen Davis

  • The Delay family

  • The Dempsey family

  • The Devig family

  • Michael Diamondstein

  • Peggy Dieter

  • Angela and Scott Donels

  • Alison Doyle

  • Arkady and Olga Ellern

  • The Elobeid family

  • Carlene Enderson

  • The Federson Family

  • Cynthia Fletcher

  • The Flummerfelt Family

  • Mary Frahm

  • Christine and Matthew Franco

  • The Frankl family

  • The Gallyon family

  • The Getting family

  • The Gindt family

  • The Grandgeorge family

  • Jennie and Lowell Greimann

  • The Gwiasda-Wolter family

  • Maggie Haaland

  • Janelle Hall

  • The Hamilton family

  • Marc and Renee Harris

  • The Haywood-Ferreira family

  • The Helmer family

  • The Hill family

  • The Hillier family

  • David and Judy Hoffman

  • Carla Holbrook

  • The Holm family (well, one of them)

  • The Holm family (another one!)

  • The Hurley family

  • The Isenhart family

  • Katherine and Neal Iverson

  • Bob and Margaret Jacobson

  • The Janzen family

  • The Jensen family

  • Jeff and Mari Johnson

  • The Joiner family

  • Susan Jones

  • Sally and Jerry Jones

  • The Jurgensen family

  • The Kakalik family

  • Steve and DeArlis Karsjen

  • The Keith family

  • Teresa Kenton

  • Jeremy and Sarah Knutson

  • Mike and Ann Krapfl

  • Cathy Krebs

  • Elizabeth and Mark Kutchen

  • The Lauber family

  • The Lenkaitis family

  • Steve Linn

  • The Lucchesi family

  • The Lynch family

  • The Mandersheid family

  • The Mangels/Bucheit family

  • Annete Mann

  • The Marks family

  • The McCulla family

  • Sandra and George McJimsey

  • The McKinney family

  • The Meese family

  • Molly Meier

  • The Merchant family

  • Joy and Michael Miller

  • Larry and Sara Mitchel

  • The Moats family

  • Kim Moyle

  • Elise and Dick Mull

  • Diane Muncrief

  • The Murray family

  • Aron Nakama

  • The Napolitano family

  • Brad Nau

  • Shawn Nelson

  • The Nettleton family

  • The Newell family

  • The Nicholson family

  • The Oh family

  • Steven Padgitt

  • Carol Page

  • The Pearson family

  • The Polashek family

  • The Prescott family

  • The Pretzer family

  • The Rassmussen family

  • The Reid family

  • Julie Richie

  • Pam Riney-Kerrberg

  • Lise Rollins

  • The Romp family

  • Klaus Ruedenberg

  • The Sailor family

  • Everard Santarmarina

  • The Sauer family

  • T Schleisman

  • The Schlosser family

  • Mallory Schon

  • The Schoenrock family

  • The Sexton family

  • The Shivers family

  • Vicky Sieve

  • The Simpkins family

  • Bea and Dave Smith

  • Shirley Snell

  • Andrea Spiker

  • Becky and Dan Staedtler

  • Vicky Stampler

  • Levi and Tina Stanley

  • Constance and Jeffrey Stearns

  • Hattie Stenberg

  • Kirk and Carolyn Stevens

  • Karen and Jerry Stuart

  • Lori and Jack Swanson

  • The Teeter family

  • Alex Tescher

  • The Thoen family

  • Karen Thompson

  • Andrea and Andrew Thooft

  • Al Truscott

  • Susan and David Tucker

  • The Tuggle family

  • The Ukena faimly

  • Amber Upah

  • Ezgi Ustundag

  • The Utesch family

  • The Van Allen family

  • The Vince Family

  • Gary and Jane Walter

  • Cory and Rhonda Wandling

  • Ronald Weber

  • Tim and Leslie Weible

  • Donna Welch

  • The Welk family

  • The Wieland family

  • John and Karen Wilhelm

  • The Wiltse family

  • Art Winter

  • The Withers family

  • John and Jessica Withrow

  • The Witt family

  • The Witte family

  • The Wohlsdorf family

  • Duane and Megan Wolf

  • Keith and Patti Woo

Group and Corporate donors

  • Ames Cyclone Aquatics Club

  • Ames Cyclone Aquatics Club - Ft. Dodge

  • Ames Lab Accounting, Budget, and Purchasing offices

  • Ames Middle School Music Department

  • Ames Soccer Club

  • Ames Soccer Club 2014 U12 Navy boys team

  • Blaze Swim Club

  • Central Iowa Aquatics Swim Club

  • Cyclone Country Kennel Club

  • Dubuque Area Swimmin' Hurricanes

  • First Evangelical Free Church (Ames) Sunday School

  • Greater Iowa Credit Union

  • Great Clips (Ames)

  • HyVee Youth Triathlon

  • Iowa Sports Foundation

  • Iowa State University Provost Office

  • The Matt Mason Cowboy Up Triathlon

  • REG Corporation

  • Triathlon Racers of Iowa