Ethan Johnson epitomizes what the TRJMS is about.

Ethan (center) and his mom, Mari Johnson and swim coach Dustin Rhoads.

Ethan (center) and his mom, Mari Johnson and swim coach Dustin Rhoads.

Ethan was nominated by his swim coach, Dustin Rhoads, who said about Ethan that over the course of his 8th grade year, he worked extremely hard and  became a better swimmer, a true leader, and a better person.  Ethan taught Dustin something about coaching swimmers of all abilities who have a commitment to getting better.  In addition to receiving the TRJMS for 2015, he was awarded the Most Improved Swimmer award for ACAC, the swim team that both he and Timothy swam for.

Ethan is a terrific student, having been on honor roll throughout middle school.  He sang in chorus, was on student council, been a Student Ambassador, and participated in Mock Trial.  He has played Bears youth football and AMS Basketball, and run for AMS Track.

But Ethan was not the only candidate brought forward for the inaugural award.  There were 10 terrific nominees, pictured below at the award ceremony, which was held at the Ames Middle School 8th grade graduation ceremony.  Expect to see all these kids emerge as leaders in the coming years.

 Update: Ethan graduated from Ames High in Spring 2019 and moved on to Valparaiso, where he is continuing his swimming career.

Shown above with William Jenks, the nominees were (left to right) Jayna Wanamaker (acting, soccer player, track, music), Leah Dietrich (swimmer), Anna Suski (chorus, band, jazz, Ames Children's Choir), William Brumm (trombone), Ravyn Kennedy (volleyball, track, softball), Dom McDonald (percussion), Leo Wernau (wrestling), Amy Fedderson (swimming), Julie-Michelle Manchard (vocal music), and Ethan Johnson.

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