The 2016 TRJMS winner is Sayre Satterwhite, shown here with his parents Michael and Carla.

In the summer after his 8th grade year, Satterwhite will serve as a Japan Student Ambassador.  He has actively participated in Science Bowl and National History Day.  He was a Broadcom Master semifinalist in the Science Fair and will attend the Belin Blank Summer Institute for Social Studies before starting High School.  Sayre played in the AMS orchestra, is a member of the Ames Velo Cycling Club and the Ames Cyclones Aquatics Club.

Sayre's nominations spoke of him as a team player in the classroom, sport, and life who is always trying to better himself and others by learning and growing from every opportunity and challenge. Coaches described him as extremely hard working and having evolved into a leader.

In 2016, there were 15 outstanding nominees, all of whom would be worthy of the award. Shown left to right are Olivia Jenks, Cynthia Jenks, Ryan Jergensen, Chris Jenks (partially obscured), Hannah Huang, Vera Barkosky, Justin Kenny, David Kim, Jonah Strawhacker, Jacob Nicolas, Brinley Horras, Connor Van Veelden, Aliya Gurganus, Camille Jackson, Sayre Satterwhite, Andres Cordoba, Grant Henderson, Chloe Wilson, and William Jenks.  Watch out for these new high schoolers.  They are going places.